With Classic & Café, You Can Bring Rasa Anywhere

Classic Rasa

Café Rasa

2750mg of adaptogens support smooth energy without a crash, better sleep, a more resilient stress response, and more so you can be more you—and it’s ready the moment you need it. Whether you’re running out the door to go to work, sitting at the airport, boiling water over a fire while camping, or just have a quick moment in the morning with a busy schedule, Classic Rasa is instantly ready when you are.

Adaptogens, mushrooms, + Fair Trade, organic coffee that is instantly ready whenever, wherever you are…and doesn’t taste like dirt (it’s delicious!). Just add water at your desk, the airport, on the summit of a mountain, or mornings you’re running late, Café Rasa has mushrooms and adaptogens such as red Asian ginseng, cordyceps, and rhodiola, alongside 60mg of caffeine from premium coffee.









Adaptogens work cumulatively, so when you drink them every day, you can expect to see changes like:

All-Day Energy

The herbs & mushrooms in Rasa provide all-day energy with no jitters or crash.

Less Stress

Adaptogens help soothe your system and support your natural stress response.

Plant Powered

Plant energy is by far the cleanest, and most easily processed by your system.

Better Digestion

Rasa includes prebiotics to help support healthy digestive function.

for a balanced mind

supports safe and equitable protection of people and the environment

for increased energy and stamina

*Only in Café Rasa

Everything in Classic Rasa

Everything in Café Rasa

Rasa Herbal Extract (Roasted Chicory Root,* Roasted Date Seed,* Roasted Burdock Root,* Shatavari Root,* Roasted Maca Root,* Red Asian Ginseng Root*), Acacia Fiber,* Rhodiola Root Extract,* Cordyceps Mushroom Fruiting Body Extract,* Gynostemma Leaf Extract*

No caffeine

Rasa Herbal Extract (Roasted Chicory Root,* Roasted Date Seed,* Roasted Burdock Root,* Shatavari Root,* Roasted Maca Root,* Red Asian Ginseng Root*), Freeze-Dried Coffee*†, Acacia Fiber,* Rhodiola Root Extract,* Cordyceps Mushroom Fruiting Body Extract,* Gynostemma Leaf Extract*

33% Fair Trade Ingredients

~60mg of caffeine/cup

*All certified organic, non-GMO, obsessively sustainable, ✨🌿 & blessed by grassfed unicorns 🦄 **

**Unicorns have not been approved by the FDA

†Fair Trade Certified™ by Fair Trade USA®

“This is a winner when you need a RASA on the fly. I use it for travel or when just running out of the door late. You get the same great flavor (maybe a bit smoother) than when you slow brew. A definite must-have!!”

—Damaris, Maryland

“Rasa tastes amazing, is easy to prepare, can be enjoyed many different ways and helps me feel good. What more can you hope for? I love it!
—Ali, Wyoming

“So easy to make! Perfect for when I don't have time to make Rasa the traditional way. Classic Rasa mixes instantly in water, so I can have a cup "brewed" in just seconds. Tastes good, and I know I'm getting the benefit of all of those adaptogenic herbs. Try some!”

—Doug, Washington

“I think the product is genuinely a genius product. The flavor is identical to the brewed one you'd do at home. But you can take it on the go! 10/10 recommend to anyone, it's GOOD”
—Alissa, California

Everyone Wants to Know

What are adaptogens?

Adaptogens are a class of herbs that help the body adapt to and defend against the toxic effects of stress: they are nature's antidote to stress. They work systematically in the body to balance, restore, and protect. When you're experiencing less stress, your body functions better—better sleep, digestion, libido…you get the gist.

These herbs survived the Ice Age and still live in some of the harshest conditions around the world: they've learned to not only be resilient in the face of stress, but to thrive. In turn, they can help us do the same.

In short: we like to say adaptogens help you human better.

While adaptogens are a powerful group of herbs, they must be consumed consistently and in functional doses for long-term stress support. That's why we're proud to be herbalist-formulated to ensure the highest quality of herbs, sound formulation, and efficacy!

Learn more about the history and science behind adaptogens (yeah, we wrote a whole 25+ page guide!) at wearerasa.com/adaptowhats

Does it taste like coffee?

In the case of Café, yes, it does (because it has coffee in it 😛)! And the other herbs in the blend add a sweet roundness that may actually have you liking this way more than your normal cup.

And while you might not mistake Classic Rasa for coffee, we'd be as bold to say that it is the most coffee-like tasting coffee alternative that you can find. It's roasty, rich, bold, and dark, and gives off some strong coffee vibes. We think it will scratch your coffee itch. If you're looking for something even more coffee-like, try Café Rasa, which has Fair Trade coffee + Classic Rasa all-in-one (with 60mg of caffeine).

I tried some other coffee alternatives and couldn't deal with choking down the sludge at the bottom of the cup. Will I end up with Rasa sludge?

Heck no. We spent years developing this process to avoid that, and to ensure it is as smooth, rich, and roasty as a cup of coffee. Rasa dissolves beautifully in your cup!

Rasa’s Satisfaction Guarantee

We think you’re going to love Rasa—so many people do! But if you tried this with your favorite creamer and didn’t like it? We won’t judge (okay, we will try not to, promise).

Here’s how it works: if you’re dissatisfied and let us know within 30 days after your first order of Classic and/or Café Rasa, we will give you a full refund in the form of store credit.